Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I also got Kirkatron, by Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Hella cool cat could play 3 saxamaphones at once. Blew that truth. Bright moments.

Let me hear an amen from the back! Preach it. Hell yes.

Also, via Boing Boing, you should check out this blog, Carlito's Blog. Seems DJ Carlito is Xeni Jardin's brother, and puts together some very eclectic mixes of stuff, from world music type stuff into hip-hop and some other very neat stuff. Very cool. If you're into stuff that doesn't suck.

I got the coolest record at Recycled Sounds up in KC. It's called the Dub Factor, by Black Uhuru. This is some of the best dub I've ever heard. Very very warm and spacey and dubdubdubdubby....