Tuesday, July 03, 2007

If there's anything that watching Star Trek at 4 in the morning has taught me (after Jack insisted that I get up and give him a bottle), it's that space hippies suck. Just sayin'.

We tried the new Vietnamese restaurant where Hunan Manor used to be, Red Palace, last Friday. I had the small beef Pho, and it was amazing. Seriously. I want to eat there again, real soon.

Beth and I went up to Rogers for our anniversary, and ate at the Bonefish Grill. Great great great. She had the halibut, and I had the cedar plank salmon. Made it a very enjoyable evening.

Harry Potter is swiftly approaching, and I'm beginning to think it's going to be a madhouse at the bookstore. If you want to see (hear!) over 300 girls between 11 and 17 screaming, you should be there on July 20/21st at midnight. The last two times have been crazy fun but scary at the same time. Has to be seen to be believed.

I have a new picture of Jack, but it's not on my laptop yet. I'll post it later.