Thursday, May 08, 2003

Not many updates lately. Sorry about that.

I do want to go into rant mode. What is it with uppity Sci Fi masquerading as "real" fiction. I hate that crap. Crichton does it all the time. He steals tropes or techniques from Sci Fi and then writes a serious "novel" around the idea. How is that not Sci Fi? Sometimes that book publishing world really ticks me off. It's almost as if writers like him want to leave the Sci Fi ghetto. Sims by F. Paul Wilson, a perfect example. It's about a Sci Fi idea, chimpanzees "uplifted" to intelligence, and then made into slaves. But is it found in the Sci Fi section at stores? No. It's in the Fiction section. Grr.....

Rant mode off.

In other news, Laputan Logic never ceases to amaze me. Look at the latest thing about this group in Japan that travels around and wraps stuff in white sheets.

I really want this.