Saturday, April 07, 2007

So, the plague has left our house. Sunday night Jack started wheezing. Which was bad. And scary. Turns out he got the croup from the cold that he and his mommy had. And of course daddy had to take him to the doctor on Monday and he had to get a shot. And then daddy got mommy and baby's cold. Which sucked.

But we're all much better now.

I made an Italian Cream Cake for Beth's birthday today, and we went to P.F. Changs and got the double pan fried noodles. Which rocked. And then Nick and Sarah and Kathleen and Collin and Sophia and Beth's parents came over for cake and coffee.

In other news, John Green (who totally rocks) name-dropped my name again the other day, which is neato (in that 'hey, a really cool author actually knows who I am' sort of way), but what's really cool is that he actually shows in his post how he goes about writing with other writers. Sometimes. Anyway, it's neat. Also, you might check out his brother Hank's puppet show. Which is hilarious.

Oh yeah. And I'm playing KOL again, for those who might be interested. I'm geekhorde.