Thursday, January 04, 2007

So, this is so cool. John Green, of Looking for Alaska fame and An Abundance of Katherines fame, internationally renowned author and all around cool guy, has this new project on his blog with his brother Hank, called Brotherhood 2.0. Basically they're videoblogging back and forth to each other. For a year. And it's pretty funny so far. Especially in a geeky/brotherly sort of way. I heartily recommend watching it, either at John's blog, or on Youtube. That alone would be cool enough. But today, in John's latest post, he gave a shoutout to the fact that Beth gave birth to our son Jack. How cool is that?

Also, saw my old friend Katie yesterday, and we were talking about mommy stuff, since Beth is now a mommy, and it turns out that Katie organizes a group on for moms in the Northwest Arkansas area. I think that's cool.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So, between work and spots of baby duty (which is infinitely more cool than I could ever describe, by the way), my latest geeky, SciFi, intellectual obsession is Chris Wayan's Planetocopia. It's essentially an exercise(s) in world creation, a fun task, if mildly obsessive, as I've already pointed out. Anyway, I found the pages fascinating. If you're into that sort of thing, you should check it out. There's a lot of food for thought in there, if a little tilted toward the 'furry' side of things at times. Whatever. His science seems to be pretty good (and he seems to be reading many of the same books I've read).

I was especially fascinated by Lyr, a massive wet world, quite unlike Earth.