Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just a reminder, tomorrow night is the first public performance of the Cloudwave Network artists, at the Dart Room, from 8 until 11 pm. If you're in Fayetteville, and want to hear some fun electronic music, come out and see us. I promise it will be quite diverse and fun. Also, there is a good chance that my friend AK will show up for my set and play live didgeridoo along with my techno-grooves. Nothing like live techno-tribal music to get the feet moving. Don't miss it.

Also, I'm working on several side projects right now, in several different subgenres of electronic music. I hope to have several new tracks up on my myspace page soon.

Oh, and slight edit here. You don't necessarily have to enjoy or understand creating electronic music to get a kick out of the video 'tutorials' over at the Museum of Techno, such as this one where they created a 'kick' drum sample for some techno music. Maybe it's the fact that they never really get around to giving any useful information, or that they're wearing fake beards and have fake British accents, at any rate, it's very amusing stuff.