Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Three things, two quasi-political (tis the season) and one purely musical for those who are interested in that kind of thing.

First, is Hank of the vlogbrothers (Nerdfighters! Hoo Ha!) doing the best job of explaining the economic clusterfuck we find ourselves in. The only problem I see with his explanation is he never uses the word 'deregulation' which is a code word that means 'Republicans want the Government to stop interfering with whatever the hell stupid, immoral or frankly unethical thing that Corporations want to do'.

Second, is this (brilliant) explanation of why Obama is probably going to win. So don't freak out. Unless the Republicans manage to steal a third election. Which they're planning on trying to do anyway. So maybe freak out.

Thirdly, on Friday I played a live laptop set of some of my psytrance stuff up at Spectra Inertia 3. I got a really good reaction, lots of people dancing. That was great. However, even better, was seeing lots of other psytrance DJs, and getting a chance to really listen to some psytrance on a really big system. I found myself, quite often, when I wasn't closing my eyes and grooving to groovy music, thinking to myself, 'HOW in the HELL did they make THAT sound?' So, here's a thread on how to make a really good scratchy lead sound, which will mean practically nothing to you, unless you're maybe Jeremy or Mike. Anyway, I thought it was a really good tip. Helped me make at least 4 presets for lead instruments in Ableton Live that I can drop into any track that I'm making.

Expect a liveset up soon. And probably some new tracks. Also talking about collaborating with a few people.

Oh yeah. Also, saw these guys do some mixing, and they're AMAZING (download one of their mixes). Check them out. Also met this guy, and his music kind of blows me away. Also, he's really nice and funny and smart.