Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My Christmas Wishlist:

This is the stuff I want. Officially. But don't really expect.

Any CD by Saul Stokes.

The Punch refill for Reason by Saul Stokes.

A 16 MB Smartmedia card for my Zoom Sampletrak sampler. A larger one won't work, since it's an archaic piece of equipment. That way I could load up my sampler with little percussion samples, and use the MIDI output of my drum machine to trigger the sampler, then run the output through effects. Could be very handy.

And of course, if any rich crazy people out there want to give us a laptop, that would be cool too.

Stuff I would also like, but it's farther down on my list:

The Arkology by Lee Scratch Perry. Loves me some Dub music.
Recorded Live: Solid Steel Presents Amon Tobin. Simply one of the coolest modern electronic musicians.
3 Works for Live Electronics by David Tudor. Found circuits are jury rigged into feedback loops. Cool. If only Miles Davis could have gotten into some of this shit.
With a Heartbeat by Pharoah Sanders. His collaboration with Bill Laswell. Who apparently did a lot of mundane things like rattle plastic tubs full of rocks and so on for Brian Eno when he was recording the On Land album. Pharoah Sanders is from Arkansas.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I've been fairly amused by the new NetZero ads lately. So has Seth Stevenson over at Slate.

I think what really impresses me about them is that they seem to have gotten some of the same actors for the commercials.