Monday, June 11, 2007

The boy continues to grow at an astonishing rate. It is seriously one of the BEST things in the world to come home from work, to see him playing in his ExerSaucer or somesuch, all intent and serious about his fun, and then to see him suddenly look up, as if to say 'Oh, hi daddy!' And then he gives me this little sly but incredibly significant smile, that I swear, if you could harness it, you could perform miracles. Water to wine. Flower held up is buddhanature. All that stuff.

Ok, here is my desert island list. These are albums that I find incredibly significant and powerful, but which most people may not get at all. The truth is that they're just not really listening, and should try harder.

Wah-wah, by James.
Passengers by the Passengers.
On This Planet, by Steve Roach.
Airdrawndagger, by Sasha.
Meddle, by Pink Floyd.
Live 93, by the Orb.
New Ancient Strings, by Toumani Diabate.
Vast, by Saul Stokes.
Offered Schematics Suggesting Peace, by Sound Tribe Sector 9.