Friday, November 26, 2004

Ken had a good point about whether or not the TV of our childhoods lives up to our memories. I find, in general, that it doesn't. Superfriends sucks, much to my chagrin. I loved that shit.

My wife and I are watching the Dessert Battle on Iron Chef right now.

Thanksgiving was hell of fun. Ken and Jessica came over, and brought their friend Rishi from India. We also had Beth's parents and Duc, an exchange student from Vietnam. Jessica's parker house rolls were the bomb. I love Thanksgiving the best out of all the Holidays. It just seems more genuine, and not as commercialized as Christmas. Hanging out with friends and family is just a great thing.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Despite the fact that I generally have had bad experiences at Common Grounds in the past, I actually had a fairly good drink there the other night. The Mocha Supreme is fairly good, for coffee with chocolate and alcohol in it. Not pure. But pretty good.

Ken and I were taking a trip down memory lane, as far as TV shows from the 80s.

One I couldn't remember was about a kid and his floating robot companion. I found it. It was called Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince. Very odd. "The popular canine Benji acts as the self-appointed guide and protector of a 10-year-old alien prince and his tiny robot bodyguard."

Another odd show was the Mighty Orbots. Again. Odd the things I dug as a child. Robots fighting an alien menace called the Shadow.

Another tv show that I obsessed about was called Otherworld, about a family who, while on their vacation to the pyramids ends up sucked into a parallel world where everything is different, and about how they tried to get home.