Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Well, I found out something cool. Apparently there's this DJ in Philadelphia, DJ Maria T, who has been playing one of my bootleg remixes. Here's an article about it. Scroll down to the bottom. The bootleg is called "He Loved Him Dubly", by Sadar Sadar.

Here's the site with my bootlegs.

Thinking about doing something in a similar vein, but it would be a triple threat, Chuck Mangione versus Prince Far I versus Rare Earth. It would be in the same sort of vein, dubby jazz stuff. I also have plans for a Jean-Pierre Mas bootleg, versus the Ohio Players. And maybe an Eric Dolphy versus a Tribe Called Quest.

I also finished a proof of concept test on a Speak & Math today. What I'm doing is that I'm adding RCA jacks that are connected to particular points on the circuit inside, instead of hard wiring switches into the thing. That way, it's more versatile. When I'm done, I'll be able to make more connections than would be possible with just switches. If I do the same thing to some of my other circuit bent stuff, like my Yamaha PSR 460, then I should be able to connect devices. Then it could get really wierd.