Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Ever wondered how Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine got those shimmering, delightful shoegazing sounds? Find out here.
One Thousand Years

from now,
after Maitreya
even then the bunnies
will suffer the claws
of eagles
Tank Hunter.

Real arcade like action. You can almost smell the teenage sweat.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

"Barnes & Noble Staffers Mock Orson Scott Card Crowd From Back Of Room
RALEIGH, NC—Employees of the Crabtree Mall Barnes & Noble used a Tuesday book-signing by science-fiction author Orson Scott Card as an opportunity to mock those in attendance. "'Excuse me, Mr. Card,'" cashier Randy Feig said to coworker Ian Rose in a derisive, pinched "nerd" voice. "'In Shadow Of The Hegemon, why was Ender Wiggin so reluctant to return to Earth after the Formic War?'" Feig then urged Rose to "check out the huge dude in the cloak" in the second row."


Via the Onion
If you haven't ever seen the site, you should go to superbad. It has to be experienced.

If you are fond or interested by conspiracy theories, check out Libertythink.

And if you need some humor kind of in the vein of the Onion or some of the stuff on Fark, check out the Magicbullets.

And of course, Ninjas are the Real Ultimate Power.
Really digging the new Sigur Ros. The review name checks U2, Low, Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine.

Monday, December 16, 2002

Made Indian Latkes.


For latke, take some mashed potatos, some flour, some green zahtar and some olive oil, and mix to make a dough. Fry in some olive oil until golden brown.

For sauce, take curry powder and some garam masala, and fry in some olive oil. Add a can of tomato sauce and a little water. Stir and bring to a boil, and then reduce.

Serve warm.
Reading a book, "Who Financed Hitler," by James Pool.

"There have been many books written on the Nazi period, but this most important aspect of Hitler's activity- one of the very keys to his success- has never been dealt with. One reason is that much of the information about financial contributions has only recently come to light, but the primary reason is an understandable reluctance to acknowledge the ease with which money can subvert the democratic process."
Well, TANFJ. (There Ain't No Friggin' Justice) Turns out Gore isn't running again in '04. So, the man who actually won the election, if all of the votes in Florida had been counted, will never get justice. And neither will we. Democracy was subverted.

"Not my President." That's what I keep saying to myself. "Not my President." Bush can't wrap himself in the flag and the post-911 jingoism. Well, he can. He has.

But I'm not fooled.

If I ever meet Al Gore, I'm going to say, "Nice to meet you, Mr. President."