Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire.

I'm sure I'll probably get called a conspiracy theorist, but screw it.

Here's the question. All the polls before hand had Obama with a sizable lead over Hillary, and the exit polls said the same thing. And lo and behold, in the precincts where Diebold machines were in use, Hillary won. In the precincts where there was hand counting, Obama won.

Sure looks fishy to me.

I'm not saying Hillary stole this. What I am saying is that the Republicans, who obviously stole the last two Presidential elections, have a vested interested in Hillary being the Democratic nominee. That's what they're counting on, because she's so divisive. They don't want to fight Obama.

Yeah. Looks pretty fucked up to me.

And of course, the media is ignoring this. "Oh, the polls must have been wrong." All of them? "Yes. All of them."