Saturday, October 26, 2002

So JHC Steve is a cool bootleg remixer. Check out his stuff. 80% Humanoid is pretty cool.

Also, DJ Martian has a fairly comprehensive blog dealing with music.

So, still being sick and under the weather, and feeling sickly and weak, I'm having some very odd thoughts. Like Clifford the Big Red Dog. What are his true origins? I'm sure he was made in an ex-Soviet genetics lab, by splicing some elephant genes into a dog embryo. But wouldn't our military industrial complex love to get their hands on him? I mean, cover him in anti-tank armor and load him with weapons and train him to kill, and he would be unstoppable. That's why I think Birdwell Island is actually a secret black-ops facility, and Clifford is slowly being taught to unquestionably obey "Emily Elizabeth," if that's her real name. It's sick I tell you.
They're also talking about the high school journalist and the football team and the idiot faculty over at Plastic.

"'It's done and gone. If you stir the pot, you might get more than you bargained for,'said Principal Dale Thomas" That actually sounds like a threat to me, or an admission that the school can't guarantee the boy's safety. Which is worse? Or maybe the school administration doesn't care about the boy's safety.
Things you might now know about me:
I'm a fan of Star Trek, but I've never been to a convention.
I play D&D and other RPGs, but I've never been to a Ren Faire.
I love to make and listen to music, but I rarely go out to see live music being played (mostly cause I'm fairly poor).
Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I got this link via Archipelapogo.
And I quote:
Counsel: What is your name?
Chrysler: Chrysler. Arnold Chrysler.
Counsel: Is that your own name?
Chrysler: Whose name do you think it is?
Counsel: I am just asking if it is your name.
Chrysler: And I have just told you it is. Why do you doubt it?
Counsel: It is not unknown for people to give a false name in court.
Chrysler: Which court?
Counsel: This court.
Chrysler: What is the name of this court?
Counsel: This is No 5 Court.
Chrysler: No, that is the number of this court. What is the name of this court?
Counsel: It is quite immaterial what the name of this court is!
Chrysler: Then perhaps it is immaterial if Chrysler is really my name.
Counsel: No, not really, you see because...
Judge: Mr Lovelace?
Counsel: Yes, m'lud?
Judge: I think Mr Chrysler is running rings round you already. I would try a new line of attack if I were you.
Counsel: Thank you, m'lud.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Via Obscurestore, this link about this kid who was assaulted at an assembly for something he wrote about his high school's football team in his school paper. And, in case you care to know, the high school's faculty page.

I'm going to write the principal and tell them they should apologize. That's just not cool.
So, I've been seriously under the weather for the last few days. Coughing and weakness and such. It seems to be downgrading into just a severe headcold with chest congestion, though.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

They updated it. Check out my new track, andromeda cloud.
They're talking about deep frying Snickers bars right now on WGN. They being Nick D. and Garry Lee.
One of the best comics Keith Knight has ever written.
For those into circuitbending and such, this site has some cool info on making effects pedals.
Have you noticed that a lot of things that you see on the internet lately, like say, on Metafilter, or on Fark, or on Obscurestore, end up on the news or on NPR a few days or weeks later? I think a lot of news editors are internet junkies.
So, Oprah had a show last week about the war, and also had a show this week about the war. I must say, she had no appearance of objectivity. She seems to come out squarely for it. I don't fault her for that, but I do have this one question. Why is it ok for Oprah Winfrey to be for the war on Iraq, but it's not ok for Colin Powell? Isn't that a bit hypocritical? I will say this though; if Harry Belafonte comes out and calls Oprah Winfrey a "house negro," then I will eat my hat.

"KING: But can't Colin Powell have a belief that the Iraqi situation is the administration's point of view, is correct and agree with its principles without giving up his own -- you're assuming that he's going against his principles. Maybe they are his principles.

BELAFONTE: Well, if they are his principles, then I sit opposed to them. I have to make the assumption that it's not his principles because of what he said (UNINTELLIGIBLE) at the Republican National Convention when he gave that remarkable speech. Or when he said going through the United Nations as the vehicle through which this problem should be settled. To do anything less than that and to stick to that mandate I think is a sellout. "

Monday, October 21, 2002

Gave Mike a ride up to his office today. It was very odd, because I know he'll be gone soon. I really envy him. And admire him. I don't know many people who could take off and walk around the world. I tell ya, the boy's got gumption.

Gumption and class.

Hopefully he will put the tape recorder and tapes that I'm going to give him to good use, and send me back lots of cool local color sounds.
Well, one of these days, the monkeys who do the updating at will update my page and put my new song up there. One of these days.
Ok, for those who don't know, catandgirl is worth reading. I rather enjoy it, and you probably will too. And if you don't, there's something wrong with you.
Via Metafilter, this link about what zenandjuice was talking about a few days ago.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

To reiterate my position from the other day, all statements about what is natural and what is unnatural about human behavior, are suspect. Human behavior is cultural, not instinctual. There are biological absolutes, such as the need to eat, to procreate, etc. However, what we eat, with whom we procreate, etc., are culturally all informed by our culture. So it's really kind of absurd to speak of any human behavior or desire as "unnatural."
For those who don't know, my wife, being so completely hellacool, teaches intermediate bellydance classes at the Art Center of the Ozarks. She just started some classes, so you won't be able to sign up for a while, but there's some talk of them offering introductory classes soon too.

For those who care. She gets a big kick out of it. She went and danced for an 80 year old man for his birthday the other night, and the guys wife gave her 20 extra bucks and baked her some cookies. How cool is that? And of course, the bellydance troupe that she's in, Desert Fire, danced at Autumnfest last weekend.
So, I now have a LiveJournal. Mostly, it's going to be for my more quirky thoughts. More everyday kind of stuff. Not the deep stuff I post here.

This guy has an interesting essay about religion and politics, titled One Nation Under God, as it pertains to the Senatorial election here in Arkansas. You'll have to scroll down a bit to read it. I got it off of the guys over at Collaboratory, who are hellacool.