Wednesday, October 06, 2004

At last Thursdays game, Frank mentioned some curiosity about my habits as far as daily sites I visit.

Well, here they are:

First I visit Metafilter, then Monkeyfilter, then Fark, then Plastic, then Boingboing, then Drudge (if I feel like subjecting myself to that.) Then Obscurestore. Oh yeah, an EM411. Can't forget that. Used to be djddx on there, but I'm now going by the name emergent, and hopefully that's the name I'll be releasing all my glitchy, drone ambient electronic music under.

Then I visit some webcomics. First is Schlockmercenary. Then I visit Superosity. Then Wigu. Then Achewood. Then Toothpastefordinner. Then Pvponline (even though Kurtz really ticks me off sometimes). Then Something Positive (which Mike turned me on to.) And of course, Bob.

Then I check in on some blogs, often infrequently. Usually less than daily. First is usr/bin/girl. Then Kottke. Then Stevenberlinjohnson, writer of Emergence (where I got the idea for the name 'emergent') and Mind Wide Open. Then the diary of Samuel Pepys, always illuminating. Then Accordion Guy. Then LinkMachineGo, which often has neat stuff about comic books, albeit from a mostly English perspective. Then Loriloo.

Then I check in with friends. First up, VendorX, then Kara. It always surprises me how few of my friends, otherwise much more technically and web saavy than I am, have blogs. Webjournals. Whatever. And a few of them are even writers of some sort (I'm looking at you two, Ken and Clint. *cough* *cough*)

Oh yeah, some more electronic music type links. I try to visit this circuit bending livejournal at least once a week. It's really only interesting if you're into circuit bending. Also of interest, if you are, is Cementimental's links.

Then I check on Coast To Coast Am, to see what's going to be on the radio tonight. Then CNN. Then of course, there's always the Kingdom of Loathing.

That's about it, I think.

Anyone else care to share their habits? Not the nasty ones.
So, I was sick today, so I didn't go into work. It's funny how sleeping on the couch all day can make you feel better.

I don't like this crud, but it's starting to go away already. I hope.

Ate some hot and spicy Chinese food. Hopefully that'll help.

Oh, yeah, and hey, Jeremy, drop me a real email. I've lost your email address.