Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So, I apologize for not updating sooner. I meant to post my impressions of the first Cloudwave event, but, I have been lazy about updating. My bad.

At any rate, the event was very cool, and while, there seems to have been some missing time involved in my set (it felt like 10 minutes, but I apparently played for about an hour), I think, all in all, a success. Here are some pictures that Steven posted.

We are having our next event at the Dart Room on the 5th of July. Just so you know.

Rocking out to Chirgilchin, a group of Tuvan throat singers that Clint turned me on to, knowing my love for obscure and exotic musics. Interestingly enough, they were on the Today show this morning, which was cool, although that Al Roker idiot made some stupid gag about "I want my baby back baby back ribs..." Not funny, idiot.

The thing I love about Tuvan music is the sheer joy of it. It's some of the most profoundly ecstatic music I've ever heard. It can be hard on Western ears if you're a philistine, not accustomed to listening to other scales, textures or tonalities. It's not easy music to listen to at all times, but some of the best music is not easy to listen to. And shouldn't be. There is also a deep deep sadness in some of the music. You can really feel that some of these songs were written by shepherds out on the range, deep in the heart of Asia, far far away from home, very lonely and longing for home. If you're interested, you should read Tuva or Bust, by Ralph Leighton, which is largely about his and the late Richard Feynman's attempts to go to Tuva at the height of the Cold War. It's very funny, but very sad, since Richard Feynman isn't here to see the growing popularity of Tuvan music.

Incidentally, I am doing a laptop music set of mostly ambient/downtempo music this Saturday at Soulstice, from 8 until 9 pm, on the Main Stage, to sort of set the mood and kick off the evening. If you want to hear a whole lot of interesting music, you should show up. Here's the link. I'm not credited on the flyer, just so you know. My performance was kind of a late addition.

Then, on Sunday, for my vacation/our anniversary, the wife and I are going up to Kansas City for a few days. I'm quite looking forward to it.